The Pilgrimage Church of Maria Plain


4,49 km from Salzburg Residence Palace

A much-loved excursion site, it also offers the visitor a one of a kind panorama of Salzburg and the surrounding Alps. W.A. Mozart composed his famous Coronation Mass in honor of the sacred painting of the Coronation of the Virgin Mary found in this church.

It was to honor the Virgin Mary and mark the crowning of its sacred painting that W.A. wrote his famous “Coronation Mass”.


  • 1633 the miraculous painting remains unharmed by a fire
  • 1652 to venerate the painting, it is displayed in the Ursprungskapelle
  • 1671 – 1673 today’s church is built
  • 1674 consecrated by Archbishop Max Gandolf von Khuenburg
  • 1681 the “Maria Trost” society is founded
  • 1686 – 1692 the Mount Calvary chapels are built
  • 1732 the original painting is transferred into the church
  • 1751 the painting is crowned by Archbishop Andreas Jakob Graf Dietrichstein
  • 1824 Maria Plain is conveyed to St. Peter’s
  • 1845 the 40-hour prayer is introduced
  • 1952 the church is raised to the status of “Basilica minor”
  • 1959 new chimes are forged (six bells);
    the biggest is the “Bell for the Land’s Missing” weighing 3,700 kg, donated by the provincial veterans’ association
  • 2013/14 Extensive renovations conducted in the interior of the basilica

Wallfahrtskirche Maria Plain
Plainbergweg 38
5101 Bergheim

T.: +43 662 450194

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