Lakes and rivers in and around the Salzburger Land

A paradise of variety and water quality

The province of Salzburg is the headwaters of several major rivers, such as Austrian Enns, Mur, Saalachstrasse and the Salzach.

Two percent of the country's territory directly drain into the river Inn in Tyrol, 4% into Traun, 13% to Mur, 6% to Enns and almost 75% into the Salzach in Salzburg. Only 2 sq. km flow from Lungau to Drau.

The Salzach with a total catchment area of about 6734 sq. km and a yardage of about 225 km to the water mouth into Inn, the greatest river in Salzburg and ever since associated with the country's history and the city of Salzburg.

Several amazing lakes as for example Wallersee, Ober- and Niedertrumersee, Grabensee, the Egelseen (some lakes), Fuschlsee, the famous Wolfgangsee and Zellersee are legacies from the early Ice Age and now engrave the landscape of Salzburg.