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The Holzöster Lake at Franking Holzöster

A gem for beach and nature lovers

  • Salzburg erleben und entdecken - Holzöster Lake

A gem for beach and nature lovers is the Holzöstersee, considered the warmest moor lake of the country. In fact, one finds from May to late September pleasant bathing temperatures before.

Nestled in a scenic Kettle Lake on the west side from Frank Inger Moor is limited, by leading a boardwalk. The shore of the lake are largely undeveloped.

On the east bank is located for many years a campsite.

On the south shore is free access to the unspoilt shores (children's playground, changing cabins and toilets, buffet) Here, however, is a small parking fee is payable. While on the north shore is available a paid beach with changing cabins, boat rental and a beach buffet.

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