The economy in city and country Salzburg

Companies - Made in Salzburg

The first reference to Salzburg is Mozart, festivals, mountains and lakes. Not without reason one could say, because Salzburg unites culture, nature and economy in a very limited space.

The year-round high quality of life and leisure, a high degree of security and the worldwide reputation of the city of Salzburg form essential "soft location factors for companies. Many internationally active companies value the incomparable ambience of Salzburg for their customers as well as for their employees.

With its geographical location in the center of the dynamic region between Vienna and Munich, Salzburg offers the best conditions for successful business. This site favor is complemented by excellent and efficient transport links by train, plane and roads.

Salzburg is home to numerous corporate headquarters of national and international corporations. Overall, a small and medium-sized structure predominates. The location qualities are dominated by industries such as commerce, tourism, business-related services, and companies with high tech and high R & D intensity.