High mountain reservoir Kaprun

Ascent to the reservoirs Kaprun Alpine Reservoirs

Your journey to the Alpine reservoirs starts at the Kesselfall Alpenhaus. The bus ride takes you through the Lärchwand tunnel to the valley terminal of the Lärchwand diagonal lift at 1,209 m above sea level.

The ride on Europe´s largest open-plan diagonal lift is the first highpoint on your journey through the mountain world of Kaprun. Enjoy gliding in virtual silence past predominantly beech woodland and precipitous mountainsides to the mountain terminal at 1,640 m above sea level.

Buses waiting at the mountain terminal of the Lärchwand diagonal lift near the Limberg dam will take you past the Wasserfallboden reservoir and Fürthermoar-Alm to the Mooserboden reservoir at 2,040 m above sea level.