The Pfarrkirche Anthering

Dedicated in honor of the Assumption

4,92 km from Salzburg Residence Palace

The parish church Anthering - consecrated in honour of "Maria Himmelfahrt" is one of the 67 primitive churches of the diocese of Salzburg. The construction of the church goes back to a long history, which began in the 12th century. In its present form it is late gothic and contains baroque features.

A Romanesque church was built in the 12th century. Remains of it can be found in the lower part of the west tower with round arch and zigzag frieze, furthermore a walled double window in the tower. The current building is late Gothic and dates from the 15th century, the tower height and the onion-shaped helmet date from 1775, the current bell storey and onion-shaped helmet are Baroque.

On the south side there is a beautiful Gothic porch with 3 pointed arch arcades on 2 octagonal stone pillars. Under the choir there is a crypt with originally late Gothic net vaulting and walled in Roman altar stone.

On 11 September 1999 the parish was able to celebrate a special feast: local associations financed the purchase of three new bells, which were consecrated on this day.

Dorfstraße 5101 Anthering
T.: 06223 / 2265-10
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