The Saalachtal Natural Wonders

Vorderkaser Gorge, Lamprecht´s Cave and Seisenberg Gorge

37,52 km from Salzburg Residence Palace

Within a radius of just two kilometers Pinzgau’s Saalachtal, nestled in the province of Salzburg, is home to three extraordinary natural monuments

The natural wonders of the Saalachtal

At the foot of both mountain ranges of Loferer and Leoganger Steinberge and the foothills of the Steinernen Meeres nature has created strangely formed rocks, rushing waterfalls and one of the largest systems of caves in Europe in the immediate vicinity. Thanks to the completion of the Tauernradweg bike trail through the Saalachtal, the natural wonders of the Saalachtal are no easily accessible by bicycle when coming from Saalfelden and Salzburg.

Via the "ALMErlebnisBus" the natural wonders of the Saalachtal can be reached without a problem from the Berchtesgaden area, also in conjunction with a bike.


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