TIP: SchafbergBahn Railway

St. Wolfgang

30,12 km from Salzburg Residence Palace

Since 1893 – now more than 100 years – trains of the SchafbergBahn have been in operation.

Distance: 5.85 km, and climbing more than 1,190 meters with three stations.

The SchafbergBahn railway has enjoyed more than 100 years of success, carrying about 600,000 passengers per year.

History of the SchafbergBahn railway

For more than 100 years, the SchafbergBahn railway has attracted enthusiastic tourists, visitors and travelers from the four corners of the globe to ride 5.85 kilometers to its summit at 1,783 meters. The railway climbs a total of 1,188 meters in just about one hour.

Markt 35
5360 St. Wolfgang

T.: +43 6138 22320
F.: +43 6138 22 329705
E.: berg.schiff@schafbergbahn.at

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