Nature park Weißbach

Weißbach bei Lofer

37,97 km from Salzburg Residence Palace


With the three community pastures (Litzlalm, Kammerlingalm and Kallbrunnalm) the Seisenbergklamm, the Gerhard Stein and the Hintertal the community Weissbach has great landscapes.
These areas are to be preserved in its unique form.
The community Weissbach has decided, together with the Office of the Provincial Government of Salzburg, Division 13 to identify this region in their unique beauty as a nature park in 2005.
The legal framework for the regulation of the natural park is regulated in § 23 of the Salzburg Nature Conservation Act 1999.
According to "areas, which are particularly suitable for the recovery of the population, or for the transmission of knowledge about nature and their recreational or educational value has been increased by appropriate care and design measures, ..." be declared nature reserves.

There followed a planning process, which was accompanied by the planning office ECO in Klagenfurt and in which active participation of the local population was important from the very beginning.
Since the landowner must agree to this project, the integration and consideration comes their ideas and concerns of great importance.
The population of Weissbach has recognized the nature park idea as an opportunity for a future-oriented regional development and active participation.

Working groups were created together with the planning team guidelines and measures for the future nature park and summarized in a conservation and design plan.
In the future it will be important that set large parts of the population with that idea apart and endorse it, to allow the natural park Weissbach successful development.

Based on the conservation and design plan as well as the definition of the Association of Austrian Nature Parks is the nature park idea the peer interaction of landscape and natural environment, recreation, education and regional development approach.
The principle of the four "pillars" of the Austrian Nature Parks is the foundation for the "sustainable" regional development.

The focus is on the development of the cultural landscape, taking into account the specific suitability for the purpose of recreation and education. This guiding principle should be implemented in addition to the protection function in Weissbach.

Mid-2007 to the Nature Park will be officially opened with a celebration, until then all the necessary bureaucratic and administrative steps are to be completed by the predicate ceremony.
Support structure for the natural park of the club Weissbach Nature Park will be, which will also be established by mid-2007.

Since October 2006 there is with Christine Klenovec, an ecologist, a competent field supervisor who will try together with the population of Weissbach, sustainably develop the natural park and fill it with content and activities
in the future.
Unterweißbach 36 5093 Weißbach
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