The Glasenbach Gorge in Elsbethen

5,01 km from Salzburg Residence Palace

The gorge like valley of the river “Klausbach” is nature protection with famous fossils habitats and interesting stones.

Already 100 years ago you found teeth, ribs and whirls from fish-saurians which lived more than 200 million years ago. Many more grand fossils in the gorge could be saved, these you can see in the local museum of Elsbethen and in Haus der Natur (museum of natural history) in Salzburg.

The “Glasenbachklamm” is still living space for various species of animals and plants.

The “Glasenbachklamm” is a west east borne gorge with less sun, high humidity and moderate temperatures. A numerous species of animals and plants esteem these living conditions.

The humid gorge wood offers an ideal living space for mosses, ferns, lichens and fungi.

Remarkable representatives of the animal world are spotted salamander, the bird cinclidae and mountain shrew.


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