Museum „Zum Pulvermacher“

An insight into the history of Elsbethen

4,24 km from Salzburg Residence Palace

The museum "Zum Pulvermacher" gives an insight into the history of Elsbethen. It owes its name to the former powder production, which was stopped in 1918. Also the natural history of Elsbethen as well as the rural and craft working world of earlier years can be marvelled at on more than three floors. Thus, the working life of a grocer, a watchmaker, a tailor, a powder maker, a ceramist as well as a bookbindery and an old classroom can be viewed there.

The manufacturers of gun powder on the brook Klausbach between 17th century-In the house you find a distillery, an oven in original as well as a fully preserved washhouse.

At handmade roof-truss you can admire the craft of the carpenters. The great collection of fossils from the “Glasenbachklamm” and the area round the “Mühlstein” are just as interesting as the plans and implements from the era of the gunpowder makers and as the history of Elsbethen.

More than a century ago an oven was built-in. This oven is heated several times a year and tasty bread is baked. The illustration (to the left) shows you the model of an oven which is heated by wood – this model you can see in the museum.

Truth to tell the collected exhibits in the former “Pulvermachergut” is worth seeing. On three floors you find thousands of astonishment exhibits which can be dated back to the prehistoric times until our century. Everything is presented by self-explaining descriptions so you find your way easily. It began already 1985, worth full cultural goods were collected and restored that few years later the preparation for the museum could begin. In July 1990 the now existing museum was inaugurated in the further estate of gunpowder makers the now. Not everybody knows that Glasenbach, a district of Elsbethen, had a big tradition in the production of black powder. Until the year 1919 the explosive material was produced in Glasenbach. In the museum, the former meeting point of the powder makers, you find several mute witnesses. Especially worth seeing is a copied water drifted powder- mix- and-pound-machine as well as interesting exhibits of the powder makers in specially equipped rooms. Also farmer-, artisan- and industry objects of life are excellent prepared as for example a complete set glimpse workshop, a distillery or the baking oven. Moreover there are interesting permanent exhibitions about the “trockene Klamm”, the “Glasenbachklamm” and the area of “Mühlstein”.

A nice attraction of the Museum Elsbethen Glasenbach “ placed at the Gunpowder makers” shows a water drifted powdermill and powderpestle made after a plan of the year 1867.

During the opening time the powdermill is demonstrated and declared continuously.

Mai bis Oktober von Sonntag und Mittwoch 10:00 bis 12:00 Uhr und 14:00 bis 17:00 Uhr sowie nach Anmeldung unter +43 676 5733546.

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