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14,85 km from Salzburg Residence Palace

A single day in the Bad Reichenhall offers so many unique experiences that you just have to fall in love with the Alpine city and would like to stay here for a bit longer. Bad Reichenhaller moments of happiness can be quite different: a blazing red sunset in the mountains, a delightful meal in the beer garden, a barefoot path, the sun terrace with royal breakfast, the royal spa garden, the walk on the Predigtstuhl, the iconic park cinema, the cordial service with the great concert tip, the chic hat with the pen in the small shop in the pedestrian zone, the e-bike tour, the city festival, the first swim in the ice-cold lake in the morning or a warm summer rain. There are so many different little things that enliven and enchant you here.

Vitality with the power of nature

Salt and alpine brine as curative natural treasures, healthy air, an intact mountain world that invites you to explore, wonderful pampering programs and culinary surprises from the regional cuisine: this is the combination that makes Bad Reichenhall one of the first feel-good addresses in Germany. Salt is the "white gold" that has established the reputation and wealth of the Alpine town of Bad Reichenhall. Pure, untouched by civilization Alpensole, is used directly from the source for a variety of vitalizing, soothing applications. Especially valuable is Laist - mineral silt, which helps with skin irritations and makes the skin soft to the touch. Experienced experts are available in the Bad Reichenhaller Kurmittelhaus der Moderne. Massages, baths, inhalations, sports, relaxation and more can be put together individually. A full day of salt recovery is available at Rupertus Therme. Special spa hotels and health centers offer a variety of spa procedures. If you like, stroll through the Royal Spa Garden, which celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2018, and enjoy the refreshing sea breeze that blows over from the AlpenSole-Gradierhaus and enriches the air with the finest salt crystals. An imposing, heritage-protected open-air inhalatory that clears the airways.

AlpenSole - experiences at a glance:

  • Germany"s largest AlpenSole grade house in the spa garden
  • Alte Saline - home of the AlpenSole-Heilquelle - guided tours through the tunnel system
  • AlpenSole Fountain - relax on a deck chair in the royal spa gardens
  • AlpenSole Kneipp Basin - activate the immune system
  • Baths and inhalations - prevention, relaxation, therapy
  • Spa & Family Resort RupertusTherme - Wellness with Alpensole
  • Alpenstadt cuisine with alpine salt and Alpine brine - definitely to try
  • Bath brine and AlpenSole care products - experiences for the home


They ensure musical harmony in the Alpenstad - the Bad Reichenhaller Philharmoniker: The 40-member professional orchestra offers incredible musical wealth, which is certainly unique for a city with around 18,000 inhabitants. In the programs you can enjoy moving sound experiences from classical entertainment to crossover to the great symphonic works. It offers wonderful concert programs for almost every taste. Best of all, there are virtually no barriers to entry, pricing or dress code. Spa concerts are played daily except on Mondays - it is no longer possible to enjoy symphonic music anywhere else.

The Art Academy Bad Reichenhall

It is the largest of its kind in Europe: the Kunstakademie Bad Reichenhall. Since its founding more than 20 years ago, more than 25,000 art lovers have come here under the guidance of well-known painters and sculptors to discover their creative streak or have already acquired skills. Whether for a hobby or professional purpose: The year-round course offer is aimed at locals and guests alike, debutants and advanced learners. From back glass paintings to collages and wax works to real experiments in rust and ashes: the academy offers craftsmanship and theoretical knowledge combined with freedom for individual creativity. The absolute highlight: The studios are located in the former brewpots of the Alte Saline, whose high brick walls exude sublime flair.

The Old Saline

The Reichenhaller history has many superlatives to offer - whether "world"s oldest inland saline" or "most beautiful saline in the world". Guided tours of the underground tunnels give you more information about the eventful history of salt and brine in Bad Reichenhall, which was once also known as "Dubai of the Middle Ages". The source of the health city is still here today - the AlpenSole healing spring.

Predigtstuhlbahn "Grande Dame of the Alps"

At the age of 91, it is considered the oldest original cable car cable car in the world to be preserved year-round: the Predigtstuhlbahn.

Bad Reichenhall celebrates: BEER & SALT - GOD"S GET IT!

  • 400 Jahre Soleleitung
  • 525 Jahre Brauerei Bürgerbräu
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