Wallersee Express Seekirchen

Fun for the whole family

12,18 km from Salzburg Residence Palace

Like the Eiffel Tower to Paris or the red double decker buses to London, the WallerseeXpress belongs to Seekirchen. Popular with all ages brings the "slow train" in the summer months in fine weather from the resort center to the beach Seekirchen and back.

This slow train attracts with its unique Tuckergeräusch and the small and large children love it.

Depending on the weather, it can be booked from April / May for special trips in the area of Seekirchen.

From the end of May, the Wallersee Xpress is again scheduled to drive. Starting with the weekends in June and then again daily in July and August until mid-September.

Info: Tourist Board Seekirchen +43 6212 4035

A-5201 Seekirchen am Wallersee
T.: +43 6212 4035
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