The Voggenberg Observatory


14,26 km from Salzburg Residence Palace

Join us for the longest journey of your life and allow yourself to be whisked off into wondrous cosmic world comprising planets, the fascinating objects of interstellar space in our own Milky Way, and far beyond to endless galactic expanses.

All of this is possible, not just with the Starship Enterprise – right here with us at the Salzburg Observatory, located at the Haus der Natur natural history museum. Volunteers from the Haus der Natur’s astronomy section will give you an expert tour through the world of stars. In the process, you will gain a small insight into our cosmic homeland and the beauty of our starry skies.

The small Salzburg Observatory is located in the community of Bergheim, atop the Voggenberg and amid the picturesque hills of the Alpine Foothills. Between the Ragginger See and Sandkuchl (Sonnenkogel), where word of a Celtic oracle who drew on astronomic observations has come down to us, there now stands the wooden building of the observatory with its high-performance “eye on the sky" – its telescope, of course. Departing from the nearby Landgasthaus Windinggut, you quickly find yourself at the start of an exciting, adventure-packed cosmic journey.

During an evening under a starry sky spent at Salzburg People"s Observatory - run by the Haus der Natur Museum of Natural History - the miraculous cosmic beauty of planets and stars is revealed, from our own solar system to seemingly infinite galactic worlds.

The observatory, which is housed in a small wooden building and boasts a high-powered telescope, is located on the Voggenberg between the Ragginger See and Sandkuchl (Sonnenkogel). In former times, this was also the site where a Celtic oracle would use astronomic observations in order to foretell the future.

Salzburger Volkssternwarte
auf dem Voggenberg in Bergheim
Voggenberg 18
5101 Bergheim bei Salzburg

T.: +43 664 6175 600