Gollinger waterfall


22,96 km from Salzburg Residence Palace

Dropping a total of 75m, this waterfall is a rewarding excursion destination. Likewise the nearby late-Gothic pilgrimage church of St. Nicholas with its baroque interior and the isolated mountain with its site of prehistoric settlement.

In the part of Golling known as Torren („torren“ Romanic: torrential mountain river), near the fascinating late gothic pilgrimage church of St. Nikolaus, the Golling waterfalls plunge 75 metres down two giant steps into the valley below.

The thunderous Golling falls have been a popular subject for many a romantic painter, and are a very popular destination for trips out, being one of the provinces most attractive and romantic natural monuments.

The Golling waterfall is 3 km from the centre of the village – 10 minutes walk from the nearby car park and can be viewed from May to October.

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Gollinger Wasserfall
Wasserfallstr. 23 / 5440 Golling
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