Almbach Gorge & Marble Mill


14,3 km from Salzburg Residence Palace

The adjoining inn is inviting and a hike through the impressive gorge above should not be missed.

The trail leads along a crystal clear stream, past thundering waterfalls and bubbling pools, over wooden footbridges and through a narrow tunnel.

Further up the gorge, the valley opens up and a path through the woods leads up to the picturesque pilgrimage church of Ettenberg. Its beautiful frescos are just as rewarding as the refreshments offered in the mountain café next door...
Erwachsene € 3,00/ Erwachsene mit Kurkarte, Gruppen ab 15 P. € 2,50
Jugendliche (6 bis 16 Jahre) € 1,50
Kinder bis 6 Jahre frei
Schülergruppen (bei geschlossener Führung) € 0,80 
Reisegruppen ab 15 Personen € 2,50
Touristinfo Marktschellenberg
Salzburger Strasse 2
83487 Marktschellenberg
T.: +49 8650 9888-30
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