Salt Mine Berchtesgaden


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Go on a journey of discovery

Sparkling atmospherically and impressively adventurously, the Salt Mine presents itself in a new light. Highlights, such as the slide or the journey on the Mirror Lake melt with gripping information over the indispensible vital element of salt. An exciting excursion destination, a unique experience! The Salt Mine Berchtesgaden has been bringing the importance and value of White Gold to the world for centuries. It is a magnificent challenge to keep a location that is so rich in tradition alive and lead it into the future. The former is not too difficult. The Salt Mine is already full of life by virtue of the fact that salt has been extracted day-in, day-out for around 500 years. This makes it one of the oldest mines in Europe. Leading the Salt Mine into the future, without doing without what is well proven – which is precisely what has been achieve with the fantastic Salt-Time-Journey.
Salt does not occur here in a pure form, but is enclosed in "alpine salt rock". This mixed rock contains an average of 50% salt. It is released from the mountain with the help of fresh water in "wet mining".

Obtaining salt from the Alpine salt rock
On five mining levels, 20 modern so-called drilling rinsers are currently in operation. Per year, around 600,000 m³ of brine are conveyed. 1,700 m³ of fresh water are needed for this every day. The salt mine has about 100 employees, half of whom work underground.

The salt mine as a tourist magnet
The salt mine is not only an important industrial company, but has also been a popular destination for excursions for years, with around 400,000 visitors a year.

New adventure tour highlights

  • Explanations in many international languages
  • Changing clothes
  • The journey into the mountain
  • The Salt Cathedral
  • With the miner’s slide into thedepths
  • The Salt Laboratory
  • The Treasure Vault
  • The Mirror Lake
  • The Salt Shop

and much more...

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01.01. / Karfreitag / Pfingstmontag / 01.11. / 24.12. / 25.12. / 31.12.

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Bergwerkstraße 83
83471 Berchtesgaden

T.: +49 8652 6002-20
F.: +49 8652 6002-60

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