The House of Mozart

St. Gilgen

24,03 km from Salzburg Residence Palace

In the former District Court of St. Gilgen, Ischlerstraße 15, Mozart"s mother Anna Maria Walburga Pertl was born on December 25, 1720.

Her father, Wolfgang Nikolaus Pertl (1667-1724), studied at the High School of St. Peter in Salzburg, acted also as a singer. Pertl, who made a successful career as a lawyer, was in 1716 Pfleger of St. Gilgen and built in the years 1719/20 the former District Court.

Mozart"s mother was baptized in the parish church of St. Aegidius and lived in St. Gilgen until 1724. In November 1747, she married a native of Augsburg, the violinist Leopold Mozart. She gave her husband seven children, of which only two, namely Maria Anna Walburga Ignatia (born on 30 / July 31, 1751), nicknamed "Nannerl" and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (born on January 27, 1756.), survived. Mozart"s mother died on July 3, 1778 in Paris.

On August 23, 1784 Nannerl married a successor of her grandfather, the baron Johann Baptist Berchtold zu Sonnenburg (1736-1801). As Berchtold died in St. Gilgen on 26 February 1801 Nannerl left the place and moved to the city of Salzburg.

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