Horse Pond Salzburg


0,46 km from Salzburg Residence Palace

Herbert von Karajan Square is located in Salzburg"s Old City against the face of the Mönchsberg in front of Sigmund"s Gate. Originally named after Archbishop Sigismund Christian Schrattenbach, the square was renamed in honor of the world-famous conductor, Herbert von Karajan. Sigmund"s Gate connects the Old City with the Riedenburg district and is the oldest road tunnel in Austria.
The Civic Hospital, Large Festival Hall, Old University and Hotel Goldener Hirsch are in close proximity to the square. University Square, Hofstallgasse and Bürgerspitalgasse lead into the square.

The Horse Pond
The magnificent Horse Pond was designed and built in 1693 by Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach in the course of building the facade for the royal stables. The central group, the "Horse Tamer" by Michael Bernhard Mandl, once stood in an oval basin axial to the portal of the royal stables. A separate palace façade with horse frescoes was located behind the portal.
The Horse Pond was restored in 1732 under Archbishop Firmian. The statue of the "Horse Tamer" was rotated 90 degrees and placed on a new base, a balustrade was placed around the basin. Josef Ebner painted horse frescoes on the rear wall modeled on Stradanus" engraving "Equite seu speculum equorum...".
Die Pferdeschwemme sieht man in der Liedszene "I have confidence", in der Maria das Stift verlässt, um die Betreuung der Trapp-Kinder zu übernehmen.
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