The Show mine Sunnpau in St. Veit

Experience with us 4000 years of mining

51,27 km from Salzburg Residence Palace

Experience 4000 years of mining with us! From the prehistoric beginnings with stone mallets, wooden wedges and fire setting, to ore mining with mallets and iron in the Middle Ages, to the use of black powder and, shortly before the closure of the mine in 1875, dynamite. It is likely that the beginning of mining dates back to the Neolithic Age. This makes the Sunnpau show mine one of the oldest mines in Salzburg. Unique in Central Europe is the wide penetration into the hard dolomite by firing alone.

We invite you to discover with us an almost forgotten world. How was the valuable ore mined over 4000 years ago? Who were the bones and grave goods found in the mine? And why is copper no longer mined in St. Veit today?
The Sunnpau show mine is part of the UNESCO Ore of the Alps Geopark together with the St.Veit Museum Association and offers insights into the development of mining from the Bronze Age to modern times. Guided tours are offered throughout the opening hours.


  • Sturdy shoes and jacket are required, temperature is 8°C.
  • Admission for children from 4 years.
  • For non-German speakers and the hearing impaired, we offer a written version of the tour in English, French, German, Polish, Czech, Russian, Dutch, Croatian, Slovak and Italian.
  • Unfortunately, it is not possible for people with walking disabilities to visit the mine.
  • For blind people the visit of the mine is rather unsuitable. However, they can take part in a guided tour at the Seelacken Museum. Carrying a guide dog and cane and touching selected exhibits is allowed.

Mai bis September
Mittwoch und Sonntag: 10:00-16:00 Uhr

Schaubergwerk Sunnpau
Stein 36
5621 St. Veit

T.: +43 664 9981 6314

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