Die wilde Jagd

"Die wilde Jagd" (Wild Hunt) takes place in the area around the "Untersberg" on the second Thursday in advent. The “Haberngoas”, the “Hex”, the “Bär” and other masked creatures tramp around the farms and homesteads, knocking on the windows, screaming: “ Let fortune in, get bad luck out, "das Wilde Gjoad" is around your house!”
To crown their visit they build a circle, play “Perchtenmusik” on their “Schwegelpfeifen” and perform a dance. The Death is playing on his drums. At the end of the dance the "Wilde Jagd" honours the farmer by kissing the dust. The tradition of the "Wilde Jagd" is based in Celtic rituals. Maybe they wanted to becalm the God of Storms and Coldness.

"Die wilde Jagd" has been forbidden for many years.