Sound of Music

In the course of film history there have only been very few productions, which really manifest themselves in people’s minds. “The Sound of Music”, which came into the cinemas in 1965, is one of these films. Ever since its release it has inspired people from all over the world.

Based on the successful Sound of Music Musical a dramatic film adaptation of the life of the Austrian “Trapp family” has been produced.  The movie “Sound of Music” was shot in many different film locations in Salzburg in front of a terrific landscape. The movie tells the life and the suffering of the Trap family who had to escape from Austria with their seven children. Their only income source were their musical performances as a family choir. For the actress, Julie Andrews, who played the protagonist in “The sound of Music”, the movie was of particular importance since it marked the beginning of her world career. In the movie she plays a young novice who was sent to the Trap family as a governess for the seven children. She quickly falls in love with the children’s father Baron Georg von Trap and marries him. The two of them will later on found the family choir. The movie was awarded with five Oscars. The disc records of the Sound of Music Musical were sold more than three million times – a gigantic number considering former sales figures.

Until now the original film locations are a popular tourist attraction and also part of every Sound of Music Tour.  Numerous fans of the Trap family come from all over the world for this one particular reason to Salzburg: they want to see the film locations with their own eyes. The Sound of Music Tour includes for example the Benediktinerkloster Nonnberg – here the nuns traditionally pitch the song “Maria”.  Besides the Tour includes a visit to the Mirabellgarten and the Castle Mirabell where the protagonist Maria and the seven Trap children used to sing the song “Do-Re-Mi”. This song is known to pluck at the heartstrings of its spectators. A trip to the Felsenreitschule is also included in the tour. At the Felsenreitschule the Trap family used to sing the famous “Edelweißsong”. The cemetery St. Peter is a must for every fan, since the most exciting scenes of the movie were shot here.  The castle Leopoldskron – the residential house of the Trap family – should also be part of your visit. At no other film location will fans be able to feel this close to their favourite characters and scenes. 

After an eventful Sound of Music Tour Salzburg offers many interesting attractions at night for all Trap family fans. The Sound of Music is part of the evening programme of a popular marionette theatre for adults. So-called Dinner Shows are a perfect combination of culinary delights and performances of the most well-known songs of the Sound of Music Musical. While single courses are served and the guests enjoy their food they will be wowed by the beautiful background music of the Sound of Music Musical.

The Sound of Music Musical, which is staged since 2011 in Salzburg, is a special highlight for all fans of the Sound of Music film. After over 2000 performances on the Broadway and in London, it can be said that the musical has finally found its way back to his hometown Salzburg.