The Schellenberg Ice Cave in Berchtesgaden

The Schellenberg Ice Cave, a natural jewel on the Salzburg border

11,94 km from Salzburg Residence Palace

The Schellenberg Ice Cave is the only and largest developed ice show cave in Germany and lies at 1570m above sea level.

It opens up magnificent halls and ice formations in one tour. The cave guides explain the formation of caves in general, and ice caves in particular, and give the listener an understanding of the history of exploration. The cave room is illuminated with gas lamps carried by the visitors. The warm light allows impressive views into the interior of the mountain. Since ice changes during the year and the formation of ice is not the same every year, a visit to the ice cave is always a new experience. With our camera we were on a discovery tour in June.

tägl. 10-16Uhr
Erwachsene: € 7,00
Kinder: € 4,00

Schellenberger Eishöhle

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