Zipfer Bierhaus traditional tavern in Salzburg

Restaurant and tavern in the heart of Salzburg

0,21 km from Salzburg Residence Palace

Timeless tradition is our principle

The Zipfer Bierhaus, Salzburg is the last surviving and genuine inn downtown. Our house was able to defy the modern "destructiveness" of the 20th century, and today parts of our facility are listed. Fortunately!

We offer live and authentic inn culture of the traditional kind, and our gastronomic self-image is based on the value of the particular. The zeitgeist changes and passes, but something special stays – in memory or in stone.

Tavern-culture of Salzburg is timeless tradition

And timeless tradition is our principle! We are challenged to value the culture of authentic taverns as an inheritance and to keep it alive.

At the tavern people from everywhere meet. It"s a place to encounter, a place of the spirit of the age, the zeitgeist. The tavern combines cabaret and school, political stage and distraction. Authentic taverns are not selective in choosing their guests and do not seperate privileged population from others: The tavern simply stands in for decent fellows.

It"s obviously a luxury to focus on timeless tradition as we live in a world of immoderate consumption of hedonistic fun and events. Concerning this, we accept the callenge to combine zeitgeist and timeless tradition.

The Zipfer Bierhaus is one of the last ancient, plain taverns of Salzburg

Our house typifies a leftover of the 20th Century which could be prevented from greedy longing for modernism and profit-driven change. Blessedly, I have to say, as the spirit of change very often tends to destruction and doesn"t estimate the value of long-time grown tradition. Therefore it"s very important to us to keep the genuine character of this house alive and to apply the musts of modern usage in a reconcilable way.

We regard timeless tradition as the "value of the specific". Our main interest is to preserve tradition in a pure and agile way, for this it is very important not to let this tradition degenerate to shallow kitsch. Beeing succesful on this concern, the Salzburger Denkmalschutz (Department for Protection of Historical Monuments of Salzburg) listet our bar-parlour.

Our gastronomical principle is conservative because we believe the value of tradition lies in representing something special and connective. As we try to reflect the traditional culture of our tavern in a vitalised way we are able to preserve the timeless value of this house as an origin of social inspiration.

Robert Schwarz

Montag bis Samstag: 10:00 bis 24:00 Uhr

Warme Küche:
Durchgehend von 11:00 bis 22:00 Uhr

Universitätsplatz 19/Sigmund-Haffner-Gasse 12
5020 Salzburg

T.: +43 662 840745
F.: +43 662 853234

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