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The masses of water which came from the melting glacier created, during the millennia after the Ice Age, a ravine flanked by towering rock walls and measuring 1 km in length. The Lammer Gorge is one of the SalzburgerLand’s most impressive natural wonders.

History and formation of the "Lammerklamm"
Even before the glacial period the river "Lammer" started to dig its way through the mountain like a very narrow valley. Actually you can say it was like a valley within a valley.
You will find out that the upper part of the canyon is determined by steep walls of rocks which are several hundred metres high. 10.000 years ago the glacier started to melt and the tremendous amounts of water created the "Lammerklamm". At some parts of the canyon it seems like the rocks touch each other.
The "Lammerklamm" are a wonderful example for the erosive power of the water. And nowhere else in the county of Salzbourg you will find something simeliar. Since 1978 the "Lammerklamm" was declared to be a natural monument.
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