27,18 km from Salzburg Residence Palace

The Salzachöfen on Pass Lueg mark the gorge-like breach by the Salzach River between the Tennen- and Hagengebirge mountains. Particularly noteworthy is the gorge’s “dome”, as is the up to 100m-deep fissure which the river has cut into the Dachstein limestone.

From the nearby Mount Pass Lueg it’s only a few steps to the "SALZACHÖFEN".
This is an impressive sight; the place where the Tennengebirge mountains
break through the chalk of the Dachstein to the Hagengebirge mountain range
and fall away 80 metres.

The rocky walls are full of immense cavities and swamps carved out by the
gushing waters. At the ‘dome’, considered the part most worth seeing, the rock
walls seem to close up completely. This natural wonder is fascinating for vistors of all ages and can be ideally combined with a visit to the pilgrimage church, Maria Brunneck, built in 1763 at the top of the road.

Can be visited from the beginning of May to the end of October.
5 minutes’ walk from the car park. 60 minutes’ walk from the centre of the
village (cosy inns and taverns, cafes and restaurants).
Mai bis Oktober täglich.
45 min.
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Salzachöfen Golling
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