Vötter´s Fahrzeug- a. Oldtimermuseum


62,32 km from Salzburg Residence Palace

Located on 1000 m2 of land on grounds associated with the Hotel Vötter´s Sportkristall (500 metres from the town center in the direction of the castle), we find the Vehicle Museum. On display are 170 exhibits (cars, motorbikes, tractors, steamtrain and other rarities) from the 50’s to the 70’s and even older.
Mai und Sept.: Mo-Fr. 10–18 Uhr;
Juli und Aug.: 10–20 Uhr
1 h
EUR: 9,90
SalzburgLand Card: Freier Eintritt so oft Sie wollen
Vötters Fahrzeugmuseum der 50er- & 70er-Jahre 
Schloßstraße 32
5710 Kaprun
T.: +43 6547 713 40
E.: hotel@sport-kristall.at
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