The Mozart week Salzburg

21 - 31 January 2021

Musico drammatico: The most important Mozart festival in the world presents 2021 Mozart"s works in a minor key and focuses on the composer as a musical dramatist.

The Mozart Week 2021 takes the composer as a musical dramatist out of the multifaceted Mozart cosmos: the musical focus is on the works in minor key, because these have a particularly direct dramatic effect. Rolando Villazón"s third Mozart Week lives the credo "Pure Mozart" in every single item of the programme and brings together almost all the pieces that Mozart composed in a minor key. "As a reader of the human soul and as an incomparable translator of this abstract world of light and shadow, Mozart presents himself to us as the most perfect musico drammatico", sums up the artistic director.

"We will hear, feel and experience the best Mozart! Rolando Villazón"s program Musico drammatico is pure emotion. The abundance of moving, playful and innovative projects of the Mozart Week 2021 will once again offer Salzburg and Mozart enthusiasts from all over the world an extraordinary Mozart festival next January," says the President of the Mozarteum Foundation, Johannes Honsig-Erlenburg.

Mozart Week 2021 brings together universal forms of expression such as music, dance, pantomime and puppetry, which Mozart loved so much, to reflect his dramatic diversity on stage. The first festival of the year in 2021 offers almost 65 events, including three scenic stage projects, three concertante or semi-staged opera performances, orchestral concerts, chamber music, dance, pantomime, film, talk and much more.

Scenic projects

The Mozartwoche 2021 brings a series of moving, playful and innovative choreographic projects: Sacred Mozart tells of the death of Mozart"s mother in Paris in 1778. In a scenic-choreographic creation, director Andreas Heise and conductor Václav Luks will develop a music-dramatic approach to this turning point in the composer"s biography. In a poetic way they will tell the story with a mixed ensemble, both dancing and singing, based on carefully selected sacred works, such as the Coronation Mass or the Ave verum corpus. In Mozart Moves! - Ewig Dein Dich Liebender in the Salzburg Landestheater with Magdalena Kožená in the centre, concert arias, songs, dances and little-known fragments from Mozart"s pen form a captivating musical narrative strand that combines with a choreographic interpretation to form a veritable musical theatre around the various facets of love. In addition, the 2020 Mozartwednesday production Pùnkititi! at the Salzburg Marionette Theatre celebrates a triumphant return.

Opera semi-staged and concertante

Sir András Schiff continues his concertante Da Ponte cycle with Don Giovanni and presents the drama of the "punished libertine" (Il dissoluto punito) with his cappella Andrea Barca and a star cast including Sylvia Schwartz, Mauro Peter, Luca Pisaroni and Julia Lezhneva. Robin Ticciati and the Chamber Orchestra of Europe, together with a young ensemble of singers, will perform the unfinished opera L "Oca del Cairo at the Felsenreitschule as a fresh, contemporary, minimalist musical theatre, staged by Freddie Wake Walker and complemented by music by Mozart himself and love poems by Bertolt Brecht. Ivor Bolton and the Camerata Salzburg present the last opera that Mozart composed for Salzburg in concert: Il Re Pastore.

Outstanding Mozart conductors, ensembles and orchestras in Salzburg

The festival will be spanned by two festive concerts, each offering a look back and a look forward: In the opening concert Keri-Lynn Wilson will conduct the Mozarteumorchester Salzburg; in the closing concert the Ensemble Europa Galante will perform Mozart"s rarely heard youth work Die Schuldigkeit des Ersten Gebotes KV 35 under the direction of Fabio Biondi. Thomas Hengelbrock will conduct the Balthasar Neumann Ensemble in a pasticcio for tenor and soprano, Scenes from a Marriage, specially conceived for this Mozart Week. The Academy Concert 2021 will feature the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra together with Kristian Bezuidenhout and tenor Daniel Behle. The ensemble L"Arpeggiata under the direction of Christina Pluhar returns with two sacred works in minor, the Missa Brevis and the Requiem, and the Mozarteumorchester, the Bachchor Salzburg and Robert Levin, with Riccardo Minasi at the podium, will revive a historic concert by Franz Xaver Mozart from 1805. Mozart"s declaration of love for Constanze, the Mass in C minor, will be performed by Alain Altinoglu, the Vienna Philharmonic, a hand-picked soloist line-up and the Vienna State Opera Chorus. Daniel Barenboim continues his cycle of late symphonies and piano concertos with the Vienna Philharmonic. He is supported by the mezzo-pianist Marianne Crebassa. Mitsuko Uchida also continues her Mozart cycle with the Mahler Chamber Orchestra with two piano concertos and the ballet music from Idomeneo.

Exquisite chamber music - top-class soloist concerts

They have known each other since childhood and have been acclaimed duo partners for many years: the keyboard titans Martha Argerich and Daniel Barenboim play selected works by Mozart four-handed. The Hagen Quartet comes with the six Haydn Quartets. Sir András Schiff and his Don Giovanni cast will give a recital in the Great Hall. Young pianist Maximilian Kromer will perform with the Quatuor Van Kuijk, Robert Levin together with the Quatuor Hermès. In addition, the strings of the Spunicunifait Quintet will be coming to the DomQuartier and Hannfried Lucke can be heard at a morning organ lesson.


The festival series Trazom! blows the dust off many a traditional Mozart image and approaches the composer and people in an unconventional way with a wink. Trazom! (Mozart read backwards) includes projects that open up a different, playful view of Mozart. The pianist Jory Vinikour creates an evening of silent films and brings Mozart together with Charlie Chaplin: Mozart meets Chaplin and a Cat. Magic Mozart, created especially for Mozart Week, combines dance, pantomime, acrobatics, object theatre and music in the Salzburg SCENE to create a magical, moving work of art. In the OVAL - The Stage at EUROPARK The Little Mozart invites you on a musical journey for the whole family.

The popular format Letters and Music will be created in 2021 with Eldbjørg Hemsing on Mozart"s "Costa" violin, Marie Sophie Hauzel at the fortepiano and actress and audience favourite Adele Neuhauser (recitation) by three artists. Cara sorella mia illuminates Wolfgang Amadé"s relationship with his sister Maria Anna on the basis of the siblings" correspondence. And, of course, Mozart"s birthday on January 27 will again be celebrated the Mexican way, with mariachis and serenades for the birthday boy or girl.

Master chef Toni Mörwald serves an opulent banquet inspired by Mozart"s time, in cooperation with the Abbey Culinarium St. Peter. There will also be film screenings and discussions with artists and Mozart experts.

Mozart week on tour

Since 2019, the world"s most important Mozart festival is not only to be experienced in Salzburg, as the Mozart Week goes on tour, with artists and selected concerts from the programme as well as an exclusive selection of the greatest treasures from the possession of the Mozarteum Foundation Salzburg. In 2019, the Mozart Week played to sold-out halls at the Festival de Pâques d "Aix-en-Provence and the George Enescu Festival in Bucharest. In 2020, the festival will make stops in Germany, Belgium and Switzerland between March and November.

Details of the Mozart Week 2021


The death of Mozart"s mother Anna Maria, who died unexpectedly in Paris in 1778 at the age of 58 while travelling with her son, is one of the most dramatic events in Wolfgang Amadé"s life. Father Leopold had not been given leave, so she had to accompany the 21-year-old; Mozart"s letters, in which he gradually prepared his father for the recent death of his wife, are still touching today. In this scenic-choreographic creation, Andreas Heise as director and the conductor Václav Luks will work closely together to develop a musical-dramatic approach to this turning point in the composer"s biography: In a poetic way they will tell the story with a mixed ensemble, both dancing and singing, based on carefully selected works. Formidable forces with the knowledge of historical performance practice together form a modern view on an existential theme.

With: Collegium 1704, Collegium Vocale 1704, Václav Luks Dirigent, Andreas Heise Regie, Choreographie, Anna Lucia Richter Sopran, Anke Vondung Alt, Krystian Adam Tenor, Krešimir Stražanac Bass Bariton, Alexander Krichel Hammerklavier TänzerInnen: Yolanda Correa, István Simon, Ole Willy Falkhaugen u. a.

A new production of the Mozarteum Foundation Salzburg.


Concert arias, songs, dances and little-known but unusual fragments of Mozart"s pen form a captivating musical narrative strand that combines with a choreographic interpretation to form a veritable musical theatre around the various facets of love: String quintet and three wind instruments, as well as dancers, join forces as a scenic-musical ensemble with none other than Magdalena Kožená.

With: Magdalena Kožená Mezzosopran, Reginaldo Oliveira Choreographie und Szene, Shane Woodborne Musikalische Konzeption, TänzerInnen des Salzburger Landestheaters, Oktett der Camerata Salzburg

A new production of the Mozarteum Foundation Salzburg in cooperation with the Salzburger Landestheater


Who knows the Goose of Cairo? "the Aria Buffa - the quartet - and the final I can say that I am completely satisfied with it, and I am looking forward to it", the almost 28-year-old composer was convinced, but seemed to feel the failure of the opera buffa project: "that"s why I would be sorry if I had to make such a music for free... The libretto about two ladies locked up in a tower and their rescuer inside a mechanical goose, a parody of the Trojan horse, was too silly for Mozart after all. The fragmentary score, however, shows him on his way to becoming a gifted buffa composer. Deliciously filled and enriched with further works by Mozart, a young ensemble with Robin Ticciati at the podium now serves the goose as a crispy new musical theatre directed by Frederic Wake-Walker.

With: Chamber Orchestra of Europe, Robin Ticciati Dirigent, Frederic Wake-Walker Regie und Konzept, Markus Werba Bariton, Mária Celeng Sopran, Linard Vrielink Tenor, Thomas Atkins Tenor, Vuvu Mpofu Sopran, Joélle Harvey Sopran, Gyula Orendt Bariton

A new production of the Mozarteum Foundation Salzburg.


Mozart as a harlequin: During the carnival of 1783 he appeared in costume in his own work, Panta lonet colombine, a satire based on the commedia dell"arte. "the invention of pantomime, and the music for it was both mine," he wrote proudly to his father. Unfortunately, the piece has only survived as a fragment. Already in 1778 he had contributed to a ballet music in Paris, which served an opera of Niccolò Vito Piccinnial"s intermission and was even better received than it: Les petits riens. On the basis of these two little pieces, arranged for the Mozart Week by the young composer, arranger and violinist Florian Willeitner for his Pool of Invention Ensemble, Doug Fitch, the American theatre maker with experience in opera, has developed a new piece, tailored to the special magic of the Salzburg Puppet Theatre. It tells the story of a middle-aged opera singer who finds himself in an existential crisis as a guest in an airport hotel. By letting the inanimate objects in his room develop a life of their own and thereby fighting his inner demons, he realizes how rich his life really is.

With: Doug Fitch Regie, Bühne, Kostüme, Florian Willeitner Musikalische Leitung, Pool of Invention Ensemble, Ensemble des Salzburger Marionettentheaters, James Smith Co-Regie, Stephen Greco Libretto

A reopening. A production of the Mozarteum Foundation Salzburg for Mozart Week 2020 in cooperation with the Salzburg Marionette Theatre.


When the Vienna Philharmonic, for Rolando Villazón "one of the best "original" Mozart orchestras of all time", continues its double cycle of Mozart"s great piano concertos and symphonies with Daniel Barenboim, it is not least in works such as the painful C minor Concerto, of the Prague Symphony close to the drama of Don Giovanni or the festive splendour of the Coronation Concerto KV 537, all of this in the most beautiful hand in hand with the general motto of this Mozart week and its theatrical air breathing scores. This also applies to the spiritual drama of the brilliant C minor Mass: Alain Altinoglu, together with the Vienna State Opera Choir and prominent soloists, puts them on the musical scene, as well as a series of rare and famous arias.


Part two of Sir András Schiff"s Da Ponte trilogy in the Rock Riding School: Don Giovanni, this vertex of opera history. Mozart"s timeless drama giocoso divides history into a before and an after, looks back on the Baroque and at the same time forwards into modern musical drama; a renowned ensemble gathers around a brilliant newcomer in the title role. Under Thomas Hengelbrock, the relationship between Wolfgang and Constanze will come alive in word and sound; Robin Ticciati wants to bring the fascinating chiaroscuro to life in his music; the Academy Concert with Daniel Behle is based on the programme of Mozart"s historical concert of 23 March 1783; Christina Pluhar will dedicate her spirit of adventure to the Requiem; Mitsuko Uchida will embed the dramatic Idomeneo ballet music between piano concerts. And in the final concert under Fabio Biondi, the Sinfonia concertante K. 364, after the guilt of the first commandment, also provides a preview of the Mozart Week 2022, which will be dominated by strings.


In the opening concert with the Mozarteumorchester Salzburg, the Mozart Week 2020 echoes with the Concerto for Flute and Harp, before the Musico drammatico theme unfolds fully for the first time under Keri-Lynn Wilson. It continues in the Sinfonia concertante K. 364 with Renaud Capuçon, a prime example of Mozart"s dramatic, eloquent composition, with the young Lithuanian Giedrė Šlekytėam at the desk of the Camerata Salzburg, and is condensed in the programme by Ion Marin and the Symphony Orchestra of the University Mozarteum in the sign of a musical "Sturm und Drang". Ivor Bolton conducts the Camerata and young voices in a concert performance of Il re pastore, Mozart"s last dramatic work written for Salzburg, albeit of a predominantly lyrical character. And Robert Levin, Riccardo Minasi, the Bach Choir and the Mozarteum Orchestra invite us on a journey through time - back to the concert given by Mozart"s son Franz Xaver Wolfgang on 8 April 1805 at the Theater an der Wien.


It is the melodic quality and the independence of the voices that also in chamber music allows the stage-like element of Mozart"s compositional language to be felt. This is not least true of the six quartets dedicated to Joseph Haydn, in which Mozart enters into an exchange with his fatherly friend that is filled with esprit and which itself amounts to a musical-dramatic dialogue. It also continues in quartet formations with piano as well as in the string quintets, in which Mozart excitingly enriches the middle voices with an additional viola. In a Mozartiade, Sir András Schiff and soloists of his Don Giovanni interpretation present all Mozart songs as germ cells and miniature music of dramatic thought. In an organ concert, three wonderful minor pieces will sound - in addition, Martha Argerich and Daniel Barenboim will invest their incomparable dynamics as a piano duo in Mozart"s music.

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