Salzwelten Hallstatt


52,39 km from Salzburg Residence Palace

Hallstatt Salt Mine – On the Trail of the »Man in the Salt«

7,000 years of salt mining in the world’s oldest salt mine.
Walk across the world-famous grave site to the place where the legendary “Man in the Salt” was found. Experience a journey through time that is beyond compare. An unforgettable adventure for big and small – regardless of the weather.

The true story of the “Man in the Salt” – who was found deep inside the Hallstatt salt mine in 1734 – begins at a mine building (the “Knappenhaus”) just outside the mine. During the tour, you will discover millennia-old clues to the fascinating history of salt mining in Hallstatt. Two long miners’ slides take you on a ride into the depths of the salt mine, until you come to a mystical salt lake. Finally, a mine train will carry you out safely and comfortably back into broad daylight. Be sure not to forget your sturdy shoes and warm clothes – you’ll definitely need them.

The High Valley of Hallstatt
The miners of old once lived in the high valley of Hallstatt, an area today’s visitors can reach in just a few minutes by taking a ride on the Salzbergbahn funicular. A new panorama lift and scenic bridge afford views that are definitely worthy of this World Cultural Heritage site – including Hallstatt, the lake and the surrounding alpine world. The finishing touches to the program are added by a theme trail across the archaeological dig site, two exhibitions and a grave that is actually open to the public. For those who are anxious to learn as much as possible, audio guides are available in 10 languages (rental fee: € 2.00 – at the ticket counter for the Salzbergbahn funicular)
Taking a refreshment break out on the delightful sun deck of the “Rudolfsturm” restaurant is always rewarding.

• 2 long miners’ slides (mega slide: 64m)
• Subterranean salt lake
• Mine train
• Hallstatt High Valley incl. Rudolfsturm Restaurant
• Salzbergbahn funicular, panorama lift and scenic bridge
• Special Tour: Prehistoric Expedition
1. April- 26. November: täglich
Erwachsene: 30,00€
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