St. Rupert Pilgrimage Trail

After the confusion brought on by the Great Migration, only remnants of Roman culture and Christianity could be found in what we today know as Bavaria and the Salzburg region. Bishop Rupert, a nobleman by birth, felt himself called by Christ to become a pilgrim and to leave his homeland in order to spread the Gospel as the Apostles had done long before. At the request of the Duke of Worms, in the year 650 St. Rupert found the courage to embark on his pilgrimage and to experience a new life. Alone and at times with fellow pilgrims, he traveled far and wide in order to follow his calling.

The St. Rupert Pilgrimage Trail leads through Bavaria and Salzburg tracing the route of St. Rupert, known also as the “Salt Saint” and as the “Apostle of Bavaria”.

ArticleID: 1841