Hellbrunn Zoo


4,81 km from Salzburg Residence Palace

Salzburg`s Zoo keeping animals, both native and exotic, in an environment close to their natural surroundings has become the hallmark of Salzburg´s Zoo. One of the zoo´s main goals is to ensure a harmonious balance between the beauty of the local landscape in Hellbrunn and the natural environment of the animals. Special habitats are continually being developed, enabling visitors of all ages to experience the natural balance between flora and fauna. These habitats have been created using natural materials to enable animal communities from similar surroundings to be observed together in captivity.

In the new "African Savannah", for example, rhinoceros, antelopes and guinea-fowl co-exist. Other exhibits show the fauna in America or the animals in Eurasia (bears and lynx, chamois, groundhogs and river otters). A visit to Hellbrunn is an educational experience for young and old. Observing familiar local species and creatures from other continents is both entertaining and informative. Take the time to wander through the spacious zoological landscape and experience the life on other, often distant continents.

Salzburg Zoo is structured according to the different continents, which allows you to travel the entire planet within a short while.


In the centre lies the savannah, inhabited by white rhinos, zebras and antelopes, as well as the extensive bird park with ist cruising pelicans, struttig cranes and craceful flamingos. The Salzburg Zoo is especially famous for ist 60 km/h fast prey simulator in thee cheetha enclosure.

Europe and Asia

See the local inhabitant of the alps - the ibex, the chamois and the new immigrants to this region - the wolf, the bear and the lynx. The red panda, the white handed gibbon and the stealthy snow leopard are further representatives of the Asian continent.


Highlighted are the American rainforest habitats, with their various primates, coatis and the razor sharp toothed peccaries. As in all forests the predators - jaguar and cougar - are lurking nearby.

April: 9-16:30
Mai, Juni, Sept.: 9-17:30
Juli, August: 9-18:00
Okt.-1-Nov.: 9-16:30

Erwachsene: € 11,50
Kinder (4 - 14 Jahre): € 5,00
Jugendliche (15 - 19 Jahre): € 7,50

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Tiergarten Hellbrunn
Anifer Landesstraße 1
5081 Anif

T.: +43 662 820176
E.: office@salzburg-zoo.at

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