A boat trip on the Fuschlsee


18,96 km from Salzburg Residence Palace

Enjoy a whole day on the Fuschlsee. Take a full cruise on the “Fuschlerin” barge, or perhaps sail only part of the way (there is a docking point at the fishery close to Fuschl Castle), then hike back along the shore of the lake. Max. 20 passengers per boat.
Ende April bis Ende Okt. Tägl. 10:30 und 12 Uhr; Juli,
Aug. auch 15 Uhr.
EUR: 7,50
SalzburgLand Card: Einmalig freie Rundfahrt
Seestraße 30
5330 Fuschl
T.: +43 6226 8264
E.: info@ebners-waldhof.at
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