55,11 km from Salzburg Residence Palace

In summer, too, Wagrain-Kleinarl offers you first-rate, attractive vacation opportunities, some with a special focus on such areas as culture, recreation, fine dining and sports. Experience adventure and balance, in springtime and at the height of summer – until well into Harvest Festival season.

The holiday village of Wagrain lies at an elevation of 850 meters above sea level, surrounded by the peaks of the Radstädter Tauern. Characteristic of this market community is its delightful floral variety and the sunny setting of the Kirchboden. And the locals’ closeness to nature as well as their love for tradition are both clearly tangible. South of Wagrain lies the peaceful little village of Kleinarl at 1014 m, flanked by a picturesque and majestic mountain world. The valley head, home to lakes Jägersee and Tappenkarsee, is utterly unique, with a panorama that was seemingly snipped from the pages of a picture book.
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