The Salzburg Card´s

Experience Salzburg more cheaply with the Salzburg Cards

There are many discounts and offers for popular attractions for Salzburg visitors. As an owner of the Salzburg Card you will receive discounts for many different events and attractions in Salzburg.

The Salzburg Card is the most valuable and useful discount card for your Salzburg stay

It includes the free use of public transportation, the railway up to the fortress and the numerous mountain railways. Owners of the Salzburg Card will also not need to pay the normal fee for the Salzach-ship. Interested in a concert or day at the theatre? Your Salzburg Card will get you discounts for both those cultural attractions, as well as free entrance into Salzburg’s museums. As an owner of a Salzburg Card you additionally receive discounts for several trips into the surrounding area. The Salzburg Card can be obtained in hotels and ticket shops around the city. 
Before planning your first trip, it’s a good idea to buy a Salzburg Card in advance, in order to learn the extent of all the discounts and possibilities it offers.

If you consider visiting Salzburg’s fortress, Hohensalzburg, the Festungs Card would be highly recommended

The Festungs Card includes a ride on the Festungsbahn, which will take visitors up to the fortress within only ten minutes. The climb up to the Hohensalzburg by foot, however, takes over half an hour. Apart from the free ride on the Festungsbahn, the Festungs Card also includes access to the castle buildings, the interior, a multivision-show and other highlights. As an owner of the Festungs Card you are guaranteed access to multiple attractions of the Hohensalzburg and can ultimately save money.

Another discount card is the Salzburger Land Card

This Card guarantees free access to almost two hundred sights and attractions in the Salzburg countryside. Holidaymakers visiting the Salzburg countryside can benefit from the 24-hour Salzburg Card, which is included in the Salzburger Land Card. The 24-hour Salzburg Card contains discounts on multiple attractions in the Mozart-town itself and is definitely the cherry on the top of the already valuable Salzburger Land Card. Thanks to the Salzburger Land Card you can pick from an extensive range of trips and design your own unique, personalized stay. Whether you would like to visit the indoor pool in Abtenau, the splashing Gollinger Waterfall or the National Parc Center Hohe Tauern; the Salzburger Land Card will pay off.

If you are visiting the Seenland around Salzburg, the Seenland Card is suitable

This discount card guarantees discounts and free entries into numerous destinations in the Seenland. It is also possible to visit a destination several times if you especially enjoyed it. Did your children, like many before them, love the amusement park Straßwalchen? As an owner of the Seenland Card you can visit it as often as you want; your children will be thrilled. Or do you prefer ships and boat tours? Then visit the Mattsee or the Obertrumersee and enjoy the unique landscape from the water.

The Salzburg Card, the Seenland Card, the Salzburger Land Card or the Festungs Card; holidaymakers in Salzburg can pick from a wide range of discount cards the card that fits their personal interests best. Buy a card and start your first trip!

The Salzburg Card

The Salzburg Card

The most important card for your visit in Salzburg.

The SalzburgerLand Card

The SalzburgerLand Card

Free admission to 190 sights and attractions throughout SalzburgerLand!