93,13 km from Salzburg Residence Palace

The waterfalls, the new Waterfall Center, the Aquaszenarium, the Wondrous Works of Water in the outdoor area, along with the exhibition, promise an unforgettable day for the family! For all discounted Combo Ticket holders (only obtainable at the Waterfall Center!) parking on the P4 is included!
1. Mai bis 27. Okt.: tägl. 9.30–17 Uhr.
letzter Einlass 16:30 Uhr
1–1,5 h
EUR: 9,40
SalzburgLand Card: Einmalig freier Eintritt
5743 Krimml
T.: +43 6564 201 13
E.: info@wasserwunderwelten.at
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