Doll House Museum


20,34 km from Salzburg Residence Palace

The Dollhouse Museum in Hintersee features many exquisitely crafted exhibits. 35 dollhouses from different eras, toys, teddy bears and dolls transporting children and those interested in history into the “big world of small things”.

Moreover the life of Joseph Mohr, the lyricist of the song of “Holy Night”, is depicted. He had worked in Hintersee for 9 years. Local culinary delights can be enjoyed at Gasthof Hintersee opposite the museum.

April bis Okt. Fr & Sa 14-17 Uhr,
Sonderführungen gegen Voranmeldung
1 h
EUR: 3,50
SalzburgLand Card: Freier Eintritt sooft Sie wollen
Nr. 4 
5324 Hintersee
T.: +43 6224 89 00
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