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Casino Salzburg

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Experience the thrills of international gaming and exciting opportunities to win. Don’t miss the culinary treats served in the palace restaurant!

Due to its large size, the Kleßheim Palace contains of a wide range of interior decors. A large portion of interior is occupied by the casino. The combination of baroque art and modern gaming gives this casino its unique flair.

Casino Salzburg, the second Austrian casino, opened on 1 July 1934 in Schloss Mirabell. It closed down during the Second World War and reopened in July 1950. As it grew larger, it became necessary to move to new premises and so the casino took up residence in 1977 in Café Restaurant Winkler on the Mönchsberg overlooking the city.

More and more visitors came to the casino and new games were introduced so that a further enlargement became necessary. The additional premises at Schloss Klessheim were so popular that Casinos Austria decided to make it the casino’s permanent home.


The magnificent baroque castle on the outskirts of Salzburg was designed by Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach, Austria’s greatest baroque architect. He based his design on Versailles and the Palladian style of northern Italy. The castle itself is extremely spacious and the casino occupies a large part of it. The combination of baroque art and modern gaming give the casino an atmosphere of its own.

Opening Hours

Automate: from 12 am
Lebendspiel: from 3 pm
till 3 am


30,- €




Casino Salzburg
Schloß Klessheim
5071 Wals-Siezenheim


T.: +43 662 8544550
E.: salzburg@casinos.at


comments and reviews

  • Christian writes on 11.06.2015
    Bestes Casino in ganz Österreich :)
  • Isabella writes on 11.06.2015
    Schloß Klessheim immer ein Besuch wert wenn ich in Salzburg bin !!
  • Gerhard writes on 12.06.2015
    Casino Salzburg besuchen wir immer zu Weihnachten !!
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  • 29.Fri
    September 2017

    Salzburg Premiere: Reinhard Nowak - „Commissario Nowak“

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  • 04.Wed
    October 2017

    Da Huawa, da Meier und i - "Zeit is a Matz!"

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  • 07.Sat
    October 2017

    Stefan Haider – „Free Jazz“

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