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parks & nature

Let the adventure begin – embark on a voyage of discovery for the senses through the Hohe Tauern region: open your eyes,listen closely,smell,feel and taste.

The National Park Workshop isn’t a place to repair things – it’s a place to try things out for the first time!

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  • 04.Thu
    October 2018

    Vergessene Heilpflanzen wiederentdecken

    die bachschmiede | wals-siezenheim
  • 06.Sat
    October 2018
    14:00 - 17:00

    10 Jahre Die Bachschmiede – Tag der offenen Tür

    die bachschmiede | wals-siezenheim
  • 11.Thu
    October 2018

    Christiane Pott-Schlager – „On a trip“

    die bachschmiede | wals-siezenheim